Some options

Continuing with my hate on for Seawheeze let’s talk about some of the other 1/2 marathon options in the general Vancouver area.

First up the Historic Half. I’ve never done this race but have good things from those that have. It’s hilly and the weather can add any kind of challenge. I have done other races organized by Try Events and had a good time.
Date Sunday Feb 17. Location Fort Langley
Cost to register today $75
What you get; long sleeve shirt and medal. Usually they have pancakes or something for food

Fools run
April 7, Gibsons to Secelt. Never done this one either but it is on my agenda for this year. Looks like a lovely but challenging course with a couple of big hills
Date Sunday April 7. Location Gibsons
Cost to register today $35.
What you get Finishers medal. Shirt is extra
Food at finish, shuttle back to start and to ferry terminal
Downside. Ferry to Langdale! But you can do a walk on and catch the shuttle to the start

Bmo Vancouver 1/2 Marathon. Did this in 2012 and LOVED it.
Stunning “easy” course with huge crowds to cheer you on
Date Sunday May 5
Cost to register today $109
What you get Saucony shirt, medal, bag lunch. Huge expo with speakers et. Free transit day of race
Note the “early bird” price was $79

Whistler 1/2
From all accounts one of the most stunning routes out there. Sells out quickly
Date June 1. Location. Whistler
Cost to register today $78
What you get, North Face shirt, limited edition poster created by a Whistler Artist
Grub at finish

Scotia Vancouver 1/2 Marathon. Did this in 2012 and enjoyed it. Nice course, lots of downhill nd some rolling hills to keep you on your toes. Expo was ok but they had a great deal with Gatorade with free pre run drink, on course and post run drinks
Sunday June 23. Location UBC to Stanley Park
Cost to register today $60
What you get. Asics short sleeved top, medal. Decent post run eats, free shuttle back to start.

Seawheeze. Have not done this event, it sold out in 2012 and it seems to have been enjoyed by most. Nice course, similar to the other two Vancouver runs.
Date Sunday Aug 10. Location. Start and finish are downtown
Cost to register today. $128. Registration opens later this month
What you get; custom Lulu shorts, brunch, yoga. Party/concert post run

Clearly I’m biased but if you are thinking Seawheeze do look at the other much less expensive options out there


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