Why I doubt I’ll ever do Seawheeze

I can admit that I can be a bit petty. Ok maybe a lot petty.
Last year was Lululemon’s first foray into organizing a run. I looked at the perks, the route and the cost and kinda wished it would fail.
It didn’t
From all accounts it was fantastic, helped of course by a spectacular Vancouver summer day. Vancouver can be dreary in the rain but there is no more beautiful place on a sunny day.
So why am I so adamant that I will never do it despite it being my fave distance and a pretty route?
1) I’m cheap.
$128. Ok that includes all taxes and an overpriced Lulu garment but its more that twice the cost of the Scotia 1/2, more than the expensive BMO 1/2 and the new Surrey Music Marathon. Lets not bother to bring up the frugal runs put on by Try Events.
Sure I’ll pay $100 for 1/2 Corked, a race without shirt or medal, they have wine 😉
But 128 bucks for a race that makes the garment a surprise?

And about that garment…

2) My ass is too big
So when Lulu announced their garment it was shorts. Hmm ok I can get into the idea of shorts. Oh no preview of the garment, hmmm. Well hmm. I know I’m in the minority but I am not a fan of my 40+ ass in a pair of tight shorts but if they are not too short I can do it
But then
The size chart XS to XL, ok that’s normal right?
Wait, Lulu sizing. XL is a 12
Looking around the Running Room on drop in night I’m not the only 1/2 marathoner that may have a problem with size 12. My pant size is 12 or 14 based on cut et.
For most races I order an XL shirt, sometimes a L. If the shirt is really small I can swap to a mans shirt. But I sure don’t want to pay $128 for either a pair of men’s shorts or a pair of ladies shorts that I wouldn’t wear in public.
Kinda wish more travel runners realized that there are better options for a 1/2 marathon in Vancouver
Sorry Lulu


One thought on “Why I doubt I’ll ever do Seawheeze

  1. ommarathonlawyer

    i was going to run it, the trip from Chicago was a bit much to add to the cost, and I had a wedding in Vancouver that I missed. Maybe I will go next yeat – just to make up for having wanted to go!


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