Where were we

Ok so after three weeks of no running I’m back.

Started with an easy 5K charity run, did ok. As long as I run slow and keep my strides short I can run ok. 

Since that run worked I volunteered to teach a 10K clinic via my local Running Room and we started two weeks ago. Since this is a Running Room clinic it is very conservative on the millage build up. That is ok since some of the runners are rusty or new to the longer distances. Already some are struggling.

But since I start Marathon training in Jan I need more km’s so I can keep up. My 10K clinic will overlap for three weeks with the Marathon group so I’ll be running Wed, Thur and Sun with my group and Tuesdays with the other group – still won’t be enough.

To help overall I’ve joined a gym and met with a trainer. We worked out yesterday for the first time and today I can barely move my arms 😉   My legs however are yet to notice the extra strength training we did.

So right now I’m working on bumping up the millage and also some strength training. 

Looks like Dec will be harder than Jan…



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