On sunday I took the plunge and registered for my first full marathon. its a bit daunting, more than my first 1/2 was. Maybe because I didn’t sign up for the 1/2 until I was 2/3 through the training clinic when right now I am a month away from the clinic starting and nursing an injury to boot.

I’m behind where I wanted to be by now. About a month behind, stupid achilles tendon.

The Marathon clinic starts with 38K in a week, with two tempo runs (6 & 10) and a 6K steady. I’ll be wrapping up the current 10K clinic I’m teaching so I’ll be doing a lot of homework.  And I have to start now.

Right now I’m only doing around 12-14K a week- that only gives me 4 weeks to double that, and not get injured from adding km too fast.

This could be tricky.

My clinic runs Sunday (long slow), Wed (hills eventually) and Thurday (steady). This week it was 6K and Wed and Thurs are 4 k each (wed is a bit long at 4.5 and both routes have a hill in them). So I’m going to add a 4 K or so on saturday as well as a couple gym sessions.  As per my earlier post I’ve started with a personal trainer and while there is a lot of upper body stuff we also did some squat jumps and other things to increase my leg strength. I’m also thinking of hitting the pool a bit

I need to add a few more Km per week to get me to the 35-38 level and I also need to get in a tempo and start edging it up.

Dec is going to be a very rough month



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