Still limping along

Its been 10 days since a slip while dancing injured my ankle/achilles tendon – right where the connection point.

Its still stiff and even walking I am limping a bit, enough that my knee is getting complaining about it.

I’m still walking the dog with the odd sprint or jog while playing and I even though its better the pain is sharp enough to tell me to not try a run, even a short one. It is getting better but its been 13 days since my last run, so much for a 10k race this month!

The clock is ticking, the  full marathon clinic starts Jan 1 and I need to improve my conditioning before it starts. I can’t sit on the couch and wait for this to heal.

To that end I started looking for a gym.

I seem to live in a gym hot spot. There are two big chains, one little and a community center all just a few blocks from my apartment. And there is a little piddley gym here in the building and one at work.

The small gym (I think its a really small chain) has been in the same spot for over 30 years, so its not going anywhere and it has something the others (including the community center do not  – a pool. Its not a big pool (only 60 feet) but its decent. Oh and it has a hot tub – can’t think of anything better after a long sunday run than soaking in a hot tub.

I had a tour sunday and today I started a 5 day trial. May do that with the big places too so I can do a good comparison.

So far my thoughts on Fitness 2000

it looks like what it is – a gym in a weird tiny mall under a 40 year old apartment building. The small cardio room has no windows and reminds me of a 70’s era days inn and casino I stayed at in Vegas once. But its clean and doesn’t seem that crowded. It has the typical Atlas circuit machines and some treadmills, bikes, stair climber and elliptical. Nothing earthshattering or cool.

There is a second gym, the “big gym” and it has free weights and such as well as more cardio machines including the loan flywheel rower. Again its ok, a little more crowded and its got a lot of gym monkeys

The pool – seems popular with the senior set – this is not a surprise really. There are no community pools around here so I imagine a lot of folks have their memberships just for the pool. Its mall but its salt water and nice and warm. Hot tub is small but deep -it even has a standing area which is a bit odd.

The bad?

The ladies change room kinda sucks, its a maze. Didn’t like that my 5 day pass did not include any sort of program design -I appreciate the soft sell but some guidelines on what to use would be nice

I haven’t done much in terms of resistance training in a looooooong time (other than push ups and some dumbbell stuff at home) so I just did a warm up on the cross trainer then hit the circuit, then a few of the “bigger” machines in the other room followed by some laps. Didn’t go nuts but I know I’ll feel it tomorrow.


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