My first injury… sigh

I’ve gotten a few ows running, a bruised toe, a couple blisters and a turned ankle. They have been something I could work through pretty easily (except the ankle, that took some time).

Last friday I hosted a big Halloween Party. Since it was populated with people i know and like I let myself dance the way you do when you truly don’t care who is watching.

The off shoot? Stiff calves and something with my achilles/ankle on the left. It was so sore the first couple of days I was walking like the guy in Person of Interest.

Down where the tendon attaches to the ankle it is still sore to touch abut walking has gotten easier. The few attempts of jogging or sprinting (when walking the dog) have been painful enough to prevent me from going for my runs.

Having to walk the dog is certainly hindering the healing process but its not like I can hook Ruby up to a treadmill. A dog used to jogging 8K needs some walking let me tell you.

I’m finding being sidelined frustrating. Come Jan 1 I want to start the marathon training clinic and I need to work on my distance between now and then. Sitting on my duff for a week was not on the schedule.

What makes it worse is that the last two days have been sunny and beautiful the way only Vancouver can be in the fall and I’m on the late shift  – the morning was just perfect to go for a run in Mundy park but the ankle said no.

Trying to take it day by day but oh this sucks


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