Don’t get cocky

I’m a little late in posting this but well thats me.

I am not a fast runner, and I never will be. I’m a bit bigger than most of the other runners I see lined up at 10k’s and 1/2 marathons and most of them can run circles around me, but I’m ok with that.

I go out, I get it done and can keep going after. I don’t collapse in a heap after a 1/2, I go walk the dog.

So I’m not fast but I’m strong.

Lately I’ve been trying to work on my speed. I reduced my running over the summer and taught a Learn to Run group. In theory this was to let me do some speed work on my own – yeah didn’t really happen. But the break from long runs did allow my legs to recharge and helped heal any damage that may have been happening from over a year of clinics and races.

My best 1/2 is 2:23:09. my best 10K is 64 minutes and my best 5K is just over 32. And I would really like to cut that down a bit. I’d love a sub 60 10 or a sub 30 k….

Anyway I took the summer to recover and I was still getting out there, running 5 days a week, three times with the clinic (and some of that was barely running) and at least twice more (usually more) with Ruby. She had a shoulder strain so she needed the slow rebuild as well.

Sept 30 was Run for the Cure and I have a love hate with that event  – is a great cause but it is emotionally draining and I do not like crowds. Despite the congested start and all the deaking and weaving I had to do to get a good pace I managed my fastest 5K to date, coming in at just over 32, 90 seconds faster than my previous best from March.

I was pretty happy with that. I set my sites at 30 minutes for the Oct 21 Rubber Ducky. I wouldn’t have to doge nordic walkers and wouldn’t have to deal with the emotions that can come form Run for the Cure

Then I got cocky

I was running with a 10K group, three times a week, slowly building the distance up so 5 thats like nothing right?

Two days before the race I donated blood then I ate poorly.

The result?

I tanked.

Ok it wasn’t that bad, just not what I was aiming for. 34 minutes, 6th in my age group.

First 10 was perfect, next 5 was starting to get hard – the last 15 minutes WAY harder than it should have been.

Lesson learned – do not get cocky, poor eating and such can make even an easy race hard


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