rain rain rain

Ahh Vancouver

I love you, I really do.

I love the mild climate, the stunning mountains, the tang of salt in the air.

I even love the urban wildlife (keep running into coyotes and seeing bear scat while walking with Ruby – ever try and control 95 lbs of angry dog when all it wants to do is tell the coyote to piss off?)

But the rain, oh the rain…

We have had a lovely summer, one that is perfect for running. I think it only rained on two of my Learn to Run clinic days and for a course with 30 sessions (10 weeks, 3x a week) that is pretty amazing.

But last week fall came in the form of monsoon rains. At least its still nice and mild out so its kind of like running under a chilly shower…

I’m in the process of building up my millage after an easy summer of 12-15 K weeks so my runs are longer and I’ve been trying to get out at least one extra day (clinic is 3x a week). This week I’ve done 22K and 18 of it has been in the pouring rain.

If nothing else its a reminder that I am dedicated, that nothing will get between me and my goals… and damn I’m happy I bought those $12 socks…


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