Clothes make the runner

Suddenly its fall and in Vancouver that means rain and sometimes RAIN (that is when the rain hits the ground and bounces to your knees). Its days like these where the thing that keeps you moving on your run isn’t how strong your legs are or how many hills you can do, its your clothes.

I think that on a wet fall day nothing challenges a runner more than what they are wearing. Do you feel cold? Too humid and warm? Are you wet? Do have a slight chafe that you know will be a major problem in a few km?

Everyone has their own prefrence in clothing. Some people are cold and need to bundle, others (like me) tend to “run hot” and need to expose more skin or wear fewer layers. 

The key is to wear the wicking fabrics. The same smart socks that wick the sweat from your feet will also keep the rain water off your toes. Same with pants – last week I ran 8K in the heavy rain and despite being drenched I didn’t feel wet. My overpriced tights suddenly seemed like the bargain of a lifetime.

And my socks, loved my $12 socks. Ran though a couple billion puddles and my feet would feel wet for a moment then magically dry despite my orthotics being totally saturated.

Polyester and nylon don’t hold a lot of moisture so even when fully saturated they aren’t heavy with excess water, unlike my poor dog who I think weighed 5lbs more at the end of our run that at the start.



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