Why am I chasing Ruby?

So this is my first attempt at a subject rather than journal type blog – in this space I plan to write about fitness, running and of course Ruby.

So who is Ruby?

Ruby is my dog, a 95 lb malamute/bullmastiff mix. She keeps my on my toes and she keeps me moving.

I got Ruby for a few reasons. I was lonely and wanted a companion, and I also wanted an “excuse” to get more active. I knew I was unlikely to go for walks et on my own and that having a dog would mean I HAVE to get outside.

It worked, two weeks after I got my 50lb puppy (she was just under 6 months old) I developed inflamation in my achiles from all the walking I was doing all of a sudden. But walking Ruby was fun, she’s cute, she’s curious and just so darned happy to explore.

So we walked, and we hiked. One day I decided to run.

I’ve had Ruby for 4.5 years now and I’ve gone from couch potato to 1/2 marathoner. Ruby has gone from fuzzy puppy to a large sometimes dog grumpy but overall happy friendly dog. We’ve logged a lot of miles and in the time I’ve had her I have lost as much weight as she has gained.  As she gets older she’s moving a little less quickly and I’ve moving faster but some how I still seem to always be chasing Ruby.


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