From fat to… less fat but fit,a timeline

May 2008, weight around 215 lbs, met Ruby and started walking regularly

June 2008, was walking a lot with my new love (the dog) but fell for the “I walked 10K I can eat what I want” and started gaining even more weight.

Dec 2009, can walk 10K and not feel like it is any real effort, can walk up steep hills but weigh more than ever before, 225lbs. In a fit of pique decide to join Jenny Craig on Jan 2

Jan 2010 – Joined Jenny Craig, starting weight 225 lbs (ugg)

Feb 2010, down 18 lbs

March 2010, down 20, started using work out tapes to increase cardio fitness

June 2010 – turned 40

July 2010, started the couch to 5K program. Decided on a goal race of “Paws for a Cause”. I had some friends that ran, two had done a couple of 1/2 marathons. I always thought running was stupid, but I decided to give it a shot. Running was an activity I could do with Ruby.

Sept 2010, down 35 lbs, ran my first 5k (but it really was 4), then got lazy and took two weeks off running.

Oct 2010, started the couch to 5K again

Dec 2010, down 40lbs (185!) and signed up for a 5K

Jan 2011, finished my first “real” 5k in 35 minutes. Won a door prize at the run. Met people at the Running Room and talked to some “real” runners. Decided to up my goals and signed up for an 8K. Dowloaded the bridge to 10K app

Feb 2011 – hell month. Laid off, dog sick. Signed up for a 10K run clinic

March 2011, started 10K group. Ran an 8K race in 54 minutes

April 2011, ran 10K in 66 minutes, not bad. Lost 5 more pounds

June 2011, ran 10K race in 64 minutes, took the plunge and signed up for a 1/2 marathon clinic.

Aug 2011, ran warrior dash, had way too much fun

Sept 2011, ran 2 5K races down a few more pounds

Oct 2011, 173 lbs!!! Ran my first 1/2 marathon – not fast, 2 hours and 35 minutes but I did it!

Nov 2011, ran a 10K in the pouring rain and ran a very cold 1/2 – took a couple of minutes off my time, 2:32

Jan 1, 2012, ran 5K, rolled my ankle.

In Jan of 2012 I signed up for another 1/2 marathon clinic. My twisted ankle slowed me down a bit and I put on a few more lbs

March 2012, faster 5K 32 minutes (fast I am not)

May 2012, 171 Lbs!!!! Ran the 1/2 at BMO Van marathon in 2:23 – I was super happy with my time. Also did 1/2 corked, an 18 k super fun run in wine country

June 2012, 180 (sigh) but ran the Scotia 1/2 in 2:25 – lost 5 minutes in a bathroom line so still pretty happy. Also did a 10K, it felt hard but it was the exact same time as I did the year before – 64 minutes

July 2012 , taught a learn to run class, ran a 5 k and actually placed second in my age group

Aug 2012- warrior dash again

Sept 2012, my clinic wrapped up, joined a 10K group, ran my fastest 5k yet at 31:15

Oct 2012, officially got the thumbs up from my doc to do a full marathon – BMO Vancouver Marathon here I come


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